Maximum Bang


Maximum Bang

When I first started dealing with leads, I went in swinging with the blinders on and ended up spending $10,000 dollars on a random list of a few million records thinking that the sheer numbers would certainly yield results and simply work themselves out for the greater favor. Boy was I very wrong. Not one sale was made out of the first 770,000 attempts. Then after deciding to put some time into targeting specific groups and demographics and subgroups within those demographics we launched an SMS Bomb campaign that generated 150 calls per hour all day long and history was in the making, unfolding before our very eyes. Here at Fresh Data Now LLC, we have the leads you will need and the SMS system ready to go for you, targeted to your specific vertical. Reach out anytime, I'm Jared and my Skype is live:buyfreshdatanow go randomization swing living hashtagdemographics specifications sms generators campaigns leadwell dataquality datadriven records sales


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